Second improved version of Data Killer

Silenda Flash: Security USB Drive

Device for exceptional data security with the ability to destroy.

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Encrypted USB Flash Drive Silenda Flash - 1 Encrypted USB Flash Drive Silenda Flash - 2
Complete destruction
Complete destruction
The ability to physically destroy all data irrevocably
Data encryption
Data encryption
AES / CBC media encryption
Highest quality
Highest quality
A special board has been developed for Silenda Flash from high quality components
Factory production
Factory production
Production in limited quantities on equipment without using manual assembly

Maximum protection for your data

Data destruction with special software

After starting the software, you will be able to specify a password to unlock the system and a Fake password, which can be entered to destroy data in case of an emergency.

Silenda Flash for all occasions

Silenda Flash for crypto wallets - is this a good idea?

The device is designed to store very important information, and what could be more important than saving? If you have a task to travel with crypto-wallets, then our development is perfect for this. You can also be sure that in the case in an unsanctioned situation, you can destroy everything that is on it within a second

Where to buy?

To buy Silenda Flash, just click on the buy button and after filling out the form, expect to receive it in the way you have chosen.

Difference from similar devices

Silenda Flash, unlike other flash drives with the information destruction function, does not use the clogging method to destroy information

Silenda Flash as a portable workstation

We have prepared a complete instruction to explain how you can use Silenda Flash as a portable workstation.
You can read the link

Feedback from our customers

We purchased five devices for work. To be honest, they destroyed one thing at once in order to check their functionality. Everything happened as expected.

Kirill Maslyakov

The most interesting thing is that I really liked the high-quality performance of Silenda Flash. Excellent body, indistinguishable from a regular flash drive, which is good news!

Charlie the Demon

I received a task from the management to provide this device for 10 people from our company. A very nice support helped to understand all the intricacies of the work. Two devices were destroyed immediately to check their functionality, they worked like a book.

Anita Kuntzkova

I have several similar devices in my piggy bank, unlike the rest, I liked Silenda Flash with the built-in functionality right out of the box!

Mirabelle Delongey