How to destroy information?
To destroy information, you should press 3 times on the button, which is located directly on the device body.
How to encrypt data on a storage medium?
Using the media software, you need to select a specific file and follow the further instructions.
Where to buy Silenda Flash?
To purchase Silenda Flash, you can to click the "Buy" button on the main page or in the "Products" section, fill out the form in which you can choose a convenient payment and delivery method and wait for receipt.
Silenda Flash as a portable workstation - how to do it?
Full instructions can be found here.
If you have additional questions, you need to write to support, where you can get prompt answers and help.
Is it possible to store a crypto wallet on Silenda Flash?
The device is designed to store extremely important information. Therefore, yes, you can and should store your crypto wallet on Silenda Flash.
Crypto container and Silenda Flash - is it safe?
Yes, it's safe. But even using a crypto container, additional encryption using firmware is still recommended, which you can download for free from the link.
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